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Our Services

Here at Sunset Ridge Medical Clinic, we strive to provide the quality care you deserve in every aspect of your life. Whether it’s for you, your loved ones, colleagues, and employees, let us keep your overall wellbeing in check. Visit us in Cochrane, Alberta today!

Family Care

Our physicians accept patients of all ages. At Sunset Ridge Medical Clinic, we are pleased to offer comprehensive medical care. The family doctor will counsel you on the prevention of illness, offer appropriate screening tests, send you for investigations, monitor your chronic medical conditions, diagnose new illnesses if present, provide a specialist referral when indicated, and address your medical concerns.

Men’s Care

We aim to provide comprehensive care to men of all ages. In a man's life, some issues require greater focus and these have the potential to go undetected in the early stages.

Conditions such as hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction can greatly affect a persons' quality of life. Consultations with our family doctor would provide early detection to improve the prognosis and efficacy of treatment outcomes.

Senior Care

We aim to provide comprehensive care to address the unique needs of older adults. Our care plan is focused on assisting them to maintain independence through health prevention, important health education and referral to other professionals. This will in turn improve health and functioning despite age-related changes and pathologic conditions.

Women’s Care

Providing comprehensive care to address all women's concerns is vital to us at Sunset Medical Clinic. Our physicians provide screening for menstrual concerns, STI screening, pap test & breast examination. Pre-conceptual counselling and advice including well-organized comprehensive support for prenatal care up to 20 weeks.

Children’s Care

We provide post-natal care for newborn babies and regularly monitor the growth and well-being of children. We monitor your child’s growth, at least once a year, and do a thorough examination. If there are any concerns, your child will be referred to a pediatrician.

Work-Related Injuries

We provide WCB services promptly, which allows the injured worker to get a medical assessment and care focused on speedy rehabilitation and fitness to return to work.

Employment and Insurance Medicals

At Sunset Ridge Medical Clinic, we provide employment medical check-ups, including driver's medical exams following Alberta ministry of transportation regulations. Patients above age 75 don’t have to pay for the service.

Uninsured Services

AHCIP offers residents of Alberta free consultations with family physicians and hospital admissions. However, there are some services not covered by AHCIP. These services and due fees are listed below. For more information on the coverage of your AHCIP, please click on this link,

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